Ringmaster of Nothing (ditchwitchbitch) wrote,
Ringmaster of Nothing

Die, week, die.

How do normal people do this? I got up at 6 today, traumatized my dog by killing a moth by throwing a rather loud shoe at it, dropped my dog off at doggy day care, picked up a coworker, drove two hours to Tulsa, went on a bunch of sales calls until 4:30, drove two hours back home, dropped off coworker, picked up dog, drove home, did the office stuff I still had to do because I wasn't in the office all day, and it was then 7:15 at night. I just, what? Being a grownup with a grownup job blows. I is ready for my three day weekend now kthx.

In other news, my best friend's boyfriend may have rocky mountain spotted fever (or if not, some other wonderful disease that makes him pass out and not know where he is or what's going on and gives him 105 degree fevers for 24+ hours). So that's been cool.

However, there are some bright spots lately:
- Doctor Who is back! And the opener was aaaawesome
- Puppy continues to be the best thing in my life
- Does anyone on my flist watch Breaking Bad? Because you should. Because, wow, is that show great.
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